Welcome to LadyBiker.US

Lady Biker is a personal old school biker site by an experienced motorcycle rider who rides a Harley.  With over 30 years in the saddle, I hope to pass along some information and tips to both men and women motorcycle riders about motorcycles, the road, and motorcycle clubs. My views are often opinionated in favor of old school tradition, but one view I have that you won’t find on many old school biker sites: Bikers is not just a brotherhood. There is a very active sisterhood also.

You’re welcome to participate in the Lady Biker Forum, (it’s free) as well as visit some of the sites recommended for great products and information. Get biker jewelry for women to complete your look ladies, and grab a biker wallet so you don’t end up with your ID and cash lost out on the road.  Check out our list of clubs in the forum, to find some great gals to ride with in your area.