Lady Biker is a personal old school biker site by an experienced motorcycle rider who rides a Harley. With over 35 years in the saddle, I hope to pass along some information and tips to both men and women motorcycle riders about motorcycles, the road, and motorcycle clubs. My views are often opinionated in favor of old school tradition, but one view I have that you wonít find on many old school biker sites: Bikers is not just a brotherhood. There is a very active sisterhood also.

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Add your contact info, find other riders in your area, check out the Confederation of Women Riders, MC Leadership Forum, have a discussion forum for your MC, help plan a rally, learn how to wrench your bike, and share all kinds of good info!


See a full listing of Womens Motorcycle Clubs at Womens MC.

My ride: 96 Harley-Davidson XLH 1200

Why? I always wanted one. Sportsters are the original bad girl bike. I think the Japanese are rip-offs. Wait until your job gets outsourced if you donít know what I mean. If I have to explain it, you wouldnít understand. BUY AMERICAN.


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Motorcycle Trips 2005

My ride from North Carolina to the MAWMR womens motorcycle rally in Gettysburg PA now has photos added to it. MAWMR 2005

Ride to Roanoke Virginia in the spring of 2005 to visit my friend, Dixie Deb, and welcome the Southern route of the Run for the Wall as it road into the Roanoke VAMC.







6/28/05 I just got back from riding up to the MAWMR in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. You can find a Gettysburg trip report over at Bikers USA. Hi to all my new friends who rode there from many different states! A special hello to Queen, Zippy, and Debby from Rhode Island who let me tag along when we rode up to South Mountain and Pliney Mountain on Friday. Letís ride together again some day! The pictures should be posted soon.

Hey Bikers and people. Lady Biker is produced by the same lady biker from North Carolina who published Bikers Magazine ,sells used harleys via hawg used harley, and runs other top biker sites like Bikers USA , Bays, and Biker Tee.

My name on the internet is Janice H. Davidson. Thatís what they call a pseudonym. Iím High Priestess of the Priestess Motorcycle Coven. The Priestess Motorcycle Coven is like a Womens Motorcycle Club WMC, but not quite. Weíre just fun loving witchy women who ride Harleys and other motorcycles. We are a no dues group, and have members in England and in the USA: North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York, Ohio.

I grew up riding two-wheelers through trails in the woods of New England. I still remember the first day I ventured onto the country road. I might not have been completely legal about doing it since I didnít have a license and the motorcycle wasnít exactly legal either. I think I was about 16 years old. It was even better than the trails because I could open the throttle up and keep it open. I think the pistons appreciated letting go like that.

 I have had many street bikes since then. I currently ride a 1996 Harley-Davidson Custom Sportster XLH 1200 with straight pipes and screaming eagle that I bought used in 2000. The Bailey Bike is definitely a ďGo FastĒ, with plenty of power to get up and go.

For me, the nicest part about riding my Harley as compared to all other motorcycles I have owned is the sound. Bailey has that distinctive Harley sound coming out those loud pipes. The best part of riding with other bikers is the stereo sound that more than one harley makes.

If I were to buy a 2005 Harley-Davidson, it would probably be the softail. It has great vintage styling.

The key I have to riding safely is to tell myself there is someone out there in a cage who is going to try and hit me, and my job is to not let them.

Good PACs are needed to combat bad PACs. As far as other affiliations go, I was a sustaining member of MRF when I had enough money to do it. Itís a worthy organization, even though they are lobbyists. Everyone says thay hate lobbyists. Not many people understand why they should hate some lobbyists but support others. The problem is that the bad people with bad ideas also have lobbyists, so we support the good lobbyists. MRF is a good group to support. If my computer job had not been outsourced to India, I would be supporting them now.

 I recommend most bikers join ABATE or BOLT or another Biker Rights MRO, and also support the MRF. I had made plans to join my local chapter of ABATE but the pamphlet said I would be joining a political organization. Personally, that turned me off. Iím probably one in a thousand people whom actually researches where candidates stand on all the issues that are important to me. I might like a candidates position regarding motorcycle helmet laws, but if they favor the destruction of the environment for the sake of short term corporate profits, I will take the side of the environment. It needs to be here long after Iím gone. If they are in favor of making the rich richer at the expense of the working class, they donít get my vote. I know ABATE and other PACs get on the good side of politicians in order to get their objectives accomplished, by promising them support.

Personally, Iím not about to pledge my support for an organization that will in turn pledge support for a candidate in return for political favor. Yes, I know that is how it is done. That does not make it right. For me, ABATE was personally not a good idea to join, but it might be good for you. ABATE  and other groups like ABATE are a wonderful group for most bikers to join. I think everyone should take action to keep and get back biker rights. Many people do not know how to express their views and DEMANDS on their elected officials. It is a very good thing that there are groups such as MRF, ABATE, BOLT, and others.

Believe me, I do take action and communicate to my elected officials quite frequently. They are there to represent me, and I am not shy about it.

The number one problem I have with our government and election processes is that elected officials are rewarded for their corruption, and whomever is most corrupt usually wins. The cornerstone of political corruption is political favors. Unfortunately, until we stop our system of political favors, (likelihood of that happening within the next 15 years is 1 in 900 Trillion), good PACs are needed to combat bad PACs.

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Buy used harley motorcycles at HAWG. Sell used hd motorcycles at HAWG. HAWG has access to more than 1000 listings for harleys and custom choppers.

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Message to Women MCís

I recently had some twit contact me asking me to add her MC to a womens motorcycle club directory I manage. When I checked her site out, I found a rant about how she wanted to use a name for a new MC she was starting, but was contacted by a one percent club who politely asked she not use that name since it resembled their own. This twit had the stupidity to want to argue with them over it, saying it is her legal right. Thatís a complete lack of respect and bullshlt. If you donít want to bring scunion onto yourself, donít go there. They wonít care about your legal options, and you will find yourself in a world you know jack shlt about. Have some RESPECT and you may find you get respect in return. If you have a complete lack of old school respect, you are asking for serious trouble. You bring it on yourself. RESPECT brings peace.

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